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Experiment no 3

Experiment no 3

Find a contact of angle by hinged pulley on 1kg of weight
A flexible rope resting over the flat rim of a stationary pulley. The tensions T1 and T2 are such that the motion is impending (just to take a place) between the belt and the pulley. Considering the impending motion to be clockwise relative to the drum, the tension T1 is more than T2. It is to be noted that only a part of the rope is in contact with the pulley. The angle subtended at the centre of the pulley by the position of belt in contact the angle of contact or the angle of lap
Angle of contact θ = angle AOB
Let the attention be focused on small element RS of the rope which subtends an angle δθ at the centre. The segment RS is acted upon by the following set of forces:
Tension T inn the rope acting tangentially at S,
Tension (T+δT) in the belt acting tangentially at R
Normal reaction R exerted F = μR which acts against the tendency to slip and is perpendicular to normal reaction R.
Using open rope drive
L open = μ (r1+r2) + (r1-r2)2 / x +2x
Angle of contact θ = 180⁰+2 α
π/180 × θ = radian

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