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Expeiment No 2

Experiment No 2

Object: Finding the support reactions of a given simply supported beam and verify analytically

Equipment: a A warren – beam apparatus
B A set of slotted masses of known values weights (1kg, 2kg, 3kg)
C measuring instrument
D spring balance

Exercise: 1 Ensure that the beam remains in a vertical plane during the

2 note the initial reading on the scale of spring balance
3 place the known masses at specified distance
4 note the change reading on the scale of spring balance
5 change the loads at these distance and record the corresponding reading of spring balance scale
6 Take at least five reading
7 measures the distance of load from the left end of support of spring balance (L1, L2, L3 FOR W1W2W3 Respectively) Measure the distance L between the spring balance supports.

Considering the equilibrium of forces: ΣV=0
RA+RB = W1+W2+W3
RB=W1L1+W2L2+W3L3 / L
THEN, RA= (W1+W2+W3) - RB

Presented by: Prof. Prakash Jugnake

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